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    I had a bad experience with Autoeurope and their client"service".
    I wanted to upgrade a booking I made 3 days before. All went fine, but when I confirmed the change, a popup informed me that there was a systemerror. I tried several times but the popup kept coming. I then could have booked the upgraded car for the same price directly via the website, but I also got an email that the bookingrequest was processed so I decided to wait.
    After a few hours, the confirmation came, but it was the same old booking. So I sent a screendump of my booking change request.
    The "mitarbeiter", Tobias Nilsson, replied by: YES, same car, no change. Wow, that's really very helpful !
    In a second email he confirmed: YES, systemerrors...
    If I like, I could call him, but the car I wanted was probably not available anymore... Wow, again, very helpful, thank you Autoeurope for this "service". After one last try to convince Autoeurope to solve the problem their system created, Tobias only responded on my order to fully cancel the bookings, since the online cancellation option was not working either!
    So, that is the Autoeurope "service". Next time I go directly to Rentalcars and I advise you to do the same, if you want avoid hazzle and bad service. It saves you the review time :-)

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