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    A rental company never to use a second time!!

    M De F17-10-2016
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    i need to write this in English as it is a lot easier and quicker for me.

    1. customer service: It started off by contacting Calais Europcar and asking why the price is too high compared to other rental companies. The lady didn't help and resolve the issue. The people working there (not sure about other countries as it is my first and LAST time using this company) aren't helpful, don't even LISTEN to the customers and don't let them finish their concerns and queries, don't give advice (i was told to use GoogleMaps to know a drop off place for Europcar), can't express themselves professionally and when the call becomes 'too stressful' or 'too complicated' for them, they put the customer on hold. Very professional if you ask me. I know English isn't their first language, but they do need to polish their English, not only for sounding more professional but also so that they can express themselves better and be more helpful to the customer.

    2. rental: I have been charged way too much not only initially, from the start, but also additional charges* that other rental services don't even do: e.g. charged additional because 5km were ridden extra (so there is a limit on km's and thus utilising a car for a day?!?) and additional charges on the Petrol because we filled the tank up completely (so the customer shouldn't top up petrol ?!?) Again, the first time and last time i will use Europcar.

    *Note to potential customer: do make sure you read the small print of Europcar, even after that you will be amazed how much extra will be charged off your bank account.

    3. drop off location details: i have called where to drop it off in Brussels Airport*. As you can imagine an airport is quite large and there are lots of different roads that leads to different locations as sub-sections to an airport. No details were given on the phone or in the contract or even on the website.
    When arriving there and going to the admin area, the time was 9.45pm, i went inside to talk to one guy working there and asked him if i can give the keys as well as looking at the car for any scratches etc like i would do with other rental companies. I was told to go outside and leave the keys at the 'outside office hours'-box as he wanted to close the admin earlier. On the website, this admin service closes at 11pm. (Strange to be so excited about your job and thus leave 1.15 hours earlier!?!)

    * For people who would think of utilizing Europcar after reading this: For dropping the vehicle off, they are signposts towards the Airport drop off where the road splits up in two, left signs says 'rentals'. This is the road you need to take for dropping off any vehicle, not only Europcar, but Hertz, Avis and Enterprise as well.

    I do hope these additional charges that are taken out of my account without my authorisation are given to the personal directly so that they can at least provide customer service with a positive attitude. I do prefer to lose money, waste time and energy to your company when personal is at least proud working for Europcar.
    However when you pay people peanuts, you get monkeys. That is how i see Europcar's company protocol and level of standard, very low beyond the standard.
    I have rented cars more than a decade now, never have i experienced such a poorly service and car hire before. The value for money using this rental company doesn't even add up to its bad services, customer service and use of car hire. I do hope this poor service is only in FRANCE and no other country otherwise your company wouldn't last long anymore as this isnt the first bad review you have!
    Thanks but no thanks. A rental company never to use a second time!!

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