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    Frank Mallens15-10-2016
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    Last week we travelled to gran Canaria to enjoy my holiday, therefore i decided to rent a car so we could discover the island to the max.

    Online I've compared some prices and since I am aware of the fact that if you pick the cheapest company you will get a lot of additional costs I chose for Europe car since the price looked attractive, but far not the cheapest. After entering my age (23) and all further details the total price would be €110 for a small car. Which is fine!

    After arriving at the airport of Las Palmas we went to europcar desk to get our car and start celebrating our holiday. A guy known as Aday helped is and gave us a Spanish contract we had to sign. Since my Spanish is not that good I asked him where the amount of €160 extra was for. He told me not to worry since we would get that money back after returning the car. I trusted him since I was assuming that people behind the desks of Europe car speak the truth and you can trust them.

    That evening when we received at the hotel I double checked and asked the people from the reception where that additional €160 euro was for. They asked my age since they told its an additional fee you have to pay since you are below 25.

    The point is that my partner is 27 so if they have told me from the start I've never ever would booked this on my name but on my partners, since he has his driver licence as well...

    The morning thereafter we went back to the airport since i thought it would be better to go back directly so we could solve this. The people at the desks Aday & Jonas Perez told me they could do nothing because they where not obliged to do anything (which is not my problem since Europcar should be willing to help customers). Jonas told me to go to another office the day thereafter since the chief known as Lucia Dominguez Mendoza would be in office then and she could solve this problem since we had only drove the car for one day and had 7 days left and my partner could drive the rest of the holiday.

    The Day we went to that office and spoke to Celestino Leon which told me he couldn't help me since he didn't made the mistake... Again I didn't spoke to the chief Lucia but he promised she would discuss this with Aday whom made the mistake and I could contact them later. Since I did not want to spend another day solving problems Europcar made I asked them if I could call them instead of travelling to the airport again.

    So I called but didn't get a reply. Then I called again but no one picked up the phone again. I called to the other office to tell that the chief doesn't picked up the phone and again Celestino Leon promised me Lucia would call me back .... But she didn't.....

    After days of getting no reply and no one picking up the phone our holiday finished. While returning the car at the airport and giving back the key to Jonas Perez I told him my story again and that I am very very disappointed of this poor service and the way Europcar is treating their customers.

    Jonas Perez again gave the details of Lucia Dominguez Mendoza which AGAIN didn't give any suggestion to solve this problem ......

    Please never book at Europcar since when you think you have a good offer they always make you to pay extra fees which you have to pay for... And the most worst part is that I asked Aday from the service desks where the costs where for and he lied.... Which clearly presents the value of this company and how day to day they screw customers due to their corruptive way of doing business.

    Hope THEY enjoy my 160€

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