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Dmitri Tsoy
I used to be a very loyal customer of easyrentcars.com (and later qeeq.com after the rebranding/taking over) for quite some years. I always liked the simplicity of their website as well as the very...Lees verder

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    car rental

    I used to be a very loyal customer of easyrentcars.com (and later qeeq.com after the rebranding/taking over) for quite some years. I always liked the simplicity of their website as well as the very competetive offers. I used them multiple times on different continents.

    However my very latest experience with the customer service has clearly turned me away from using this company again.

    I've booked a 2 weeks trip to Sardignia in July 2021. The selected supplier was Budget, the car provided is promised to be Fiat 500L (please note L in the model name, it is important) or similar.
    After stepping out from the plane in Sardignia I went towards the Budget office, and I was told that the car that I'd booked is Fiat 500 (without L).
    However the price for the car was the same as I had in my confirmation email.
    For the ones not very familiar with the Italian car market, Fiat 500 is a tiny 2 doors with a trunk of 185 L, while Fiat 500L is a 4 doors mid class high roof family car with a trunk of 400 L. We traveled as a family of 4 including 2 kids so one can imagine that we absolutely needed a bigger car.
    I tried to argue on the Budget counter but they told me that this is how the booking came through from qeeq.com, and if I need a bigger car I can buy an upgrade for the car 3 levels higher because they had nothing else in stock.
    So I called qeeq.com and spent almost an hour on the phone trying to find some suitable solution. What the guy on the phone literally had been doing, he opened their website, entered my dates and location and tried to find another car supplier around. Unfortunately nothing was available. I have no complaints about this part though, he at least tried to be helpful.
    Finally, having no options, I signed up for the tiny Fiat 500, forcefully packed all our stuff and kids into the car and drove my way.

    Fast forward, after being back from the trip, I again contacted qeeq.com customer support asking for the explanation of the situation. They said they were going to request an explanation from the Budget.
    After a couple of months back and forth communication, Budget said, you get what you paid for.

    Multiple times I demanded that qeeq.com support to admit that they (or their IT systems which is the same) made a mistake while making my reservation. Every time they just ignored it. Neither the support ever explained me what actually happened. Finally they offered me a "good will" €50 voucher (probably just because I annoyed them) which I could spend on their website but I declined it.

    Summarizing: I won't again book with the qeeq.com because I want to be sure that I get what I expect (even if costs slightly more).
    If I book big car, I want to get a big car. If I book a convertible, I want to get a convertible. If the service provider makes a mistake, I do tolerate it if they accept and learn from it, but I don't see any reason to keep using the service that doesn't provide a reasonable feedback.
    There are many more other aggregators around, use them or even better try to reach the rental companies directly.

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